Welcome to the Bressingham Gardens

Welcome to the Bressingham Gardens. A paradise for gardeners with two beautiful six acre gardens, created by Alan and Adrian Bloom over many years where new features are still being developed and planned.

The Plants

The Bressingham Gardens
The Bressingham Gardens
The Bressingham Gardens
The Bressingham Gardens
The Bressingham Gardens
  • Border at The Winter Garden, Bressingham Gardens, Norfolk, UK. Nandina domestica Firepower, Festuca glauca Elijah Blue, Abies lasiocarpa var. arizonica Compacta, Panicum virgatum Northwind, Erica carnea Foxhollow, Sedum Matrona, Cornus sanguinea Midwinter Fire, Abies nordmanniana Golden Spreader, Phlomis anatolica Lloyd's Variety, Picea pungens Edith, Salix alba var. Vitellina Britzensis.

    Winter Gardens – 13 February to 22 March 2016

    Come and enjoy the highly rated gardens created by Adrian Bloom at this special time of the year. Walk from the Winter Garden through the Dell Garden and Adrian’s Wood to Foggy Bottom and get some ideas for your own garden.


Adrian Bloom at Foggy Bottom Garden
Welcome from Adrian

Welcome to the Bressingham Gardens website. We hope this website will give you a glimpse of the wonderful world of plants, and the excitement and passion of gardening. From novice to expert, enjoy the views, the planting combinations and the plants shown in the six distinct gardens totalling over 17 acres (6 hectares) here …

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Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’
Plant of the month: February

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ black mondo grass At a glance Once established, black mondo grass makes a yearround carpet of jet black leaves, good in shade where not too dry, and excellent in a container. It has a multitude of uses—as ground cover beneath shrubs or trees, or as a pathway edging—and will associ…


The Dell Garden, Bressingham, Norfolk
Online Tour of the Garden

Join Adrian Bloom for an online tour of the gardens – Adrian welcomes you to The Bressingham Gardens and shows you around as he explains a little about the history of its design, how some of the plants have been developed and how they can be grown in your garden.    …