Welcome to the Bressingham Gardens

Welcome to the Bressingham Gardens. A paradise for gardeners with two beautiful six acre gardens, created by Alan and Adrian Bloom over many years where new features are still being developed and planned.

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The Plants

The Steam Museum

For those with families, and an interest in steam

Bressingham Gardens and Steam Experience is a unique combination arising out of the passions of founder Alan Bloom, whose profession of nurseryman and gardener and hobby of a steam powered collection of trains and traction engines led to the leisure destination of Bressingham Gardens and Steam Museum (The Steam Museum is now a charitable trust).

Here families with children can enjoy train rides into the Waveney woodland and valley and around Alan Bloom’s Dell Garden, ride on the Victorian Roundabout, the Gallopers or visit the Dad’s Army reconstruction of Warmington on Sea as shown in the ever popular TV series Dad’s Army.

For further details regarding visiting, please call on 01379 686900 or see:


 The Steam Museum